Important information from Robert Reed to his fans!

September 2016: Bob's latest novel is released in four parts as a Kindle eBook on Amazon, under the umbrella title "The Trials of Quenin Maurus." Here are links to all four individual parts, available for separate purchase:

Book 1: Inevitable | Book 2: Insatiable | Book 3: Ephemeral | Book 4: Everlasting

August 2016: Bob appeared this month at MidAmericon II, the 2016 WorldCon, in Kansas City, Missouri - August 17th through 21st [see his schedule on the Appearances page].

Bob has a new story -- "A Man of Modest Means" -- in Interzone #265 (Jul/Aug 2016).

Bob has a new story -- "Dome on the Prairie" -- in the September 2016 issue of F&SF.

May 2016: Prisoner X, the crowdfunded film based on Bob's Hugo-nominated novella "Truth", is released and is immediately available for download from iTunes. Here's the ordering link:

September-November 2015: Over the course of two-and-a-half months, Bob serialized the novella "Steel Dog" on his writing blog, Reshaping Light. It began with an explanation of the origins of the story, and why he was releasing it for free on his blog. Following the final segment, we created a separate page here on Bob's site that provides links to all 53 blog entries that comprise the novel: Steel Dog. Bob explains that this is just part of a larger work that will be available in 2016 as a multi-volume eBook, as yet untitled.

July 2015: Bob's story "The Principles" is a finalist for the Sidewise Award - Short Form, to be presented at the 2015 WorldCon in Spokane. The ultimate winner is Ken Liu's "The Long Haul: From the Annals of Transportation, The Pacific Monthly, May 2009".

April 2015: Bob's short story "What I Intend" appears in the Apr/May 2015 Asimov's.

On May 2nd, 2015, one week prior to being the author Guest-of-Honor at ConStellation 6 in Lincoln, NE, Bob will be having a book signing event for The Memory of Sky at the Nebraska Bookstore.

Bob's new short story -- "The Empress in All Her Glory" -- is available in the April 2015 Clarkesworld, in both print and audio formats.

April 22-24, 2015 - Bob was Author Guest of Honor at ConStellation 6 in Lincoln, NE.

January 2015: Another new short story — "Forty Trillion" — from Bob appears in his Reshaping Light writing blog.

December 2014: Four of Bob's early novels are now available as eBooks for the first time, from Diversion Publishing: Hormone Jungle, Black Milk, Beyond the Veil of Stars and Beneath the Gated Sky.

Bob has a new short story - "Every Hill Ends With Sky" - in Carbide Tipped Pens, a new hard SF anthology edited by Eric Choi and Ben Bova, from Tor Books.

Bob's newest novella, "GW in the Afterlife" appears in Postscripts #32/33: Far Voyager.

The IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for "Prisoner X" (see below), surpassed its $15,000 goal, ultimately reaching $20,550 in funds raised toward the production of this upcoming film based on Bob's novella "Truth".

November 2014: Bob's Hugo-nominated novella "Truth", from the Oct/Nov 2007 Asimov's, has been optioned for a film under the title "Prisoner X", and the producers have set up an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for its production. This campaign runs through December 12th, 2014.

Bob's newest story, "Pernicious Romance", appears in the November 2014 Clarkesworld online magazine. Bob's new novella, "The Cryptic Age", appears in the December 2014 Asimov's.

October 2014: An interview with Bob appeared in the October 2014 Clarkesworld online magazine.

September 2014: Destiny -- the videogame that Bob has been working on with Bungie for several years, premieres this month, via the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming platforms.

Bob's new short story "Will He?" appears in the Sep/Oct 2014 issue of F&SF.

August 2014: Bob appeared this month at LonCon 3, the 2014 WorldCon, in London England - August 14th through 17th [see his schedule on the Appearances page].

Bob's latest Reshaping Light story blog entry - One City - is an all-new short story -- another of Bob's responses to recent popular films.

This month, Bob had two new stories appear in two brand-new anthologies: "Aether" in the British anthology Paradox, and "Sarcophagus" in the US anthology Upgraded.

July 2014: Bob has been named Author Guest-of-Honor at ConStellation 6, to be held May 8-10, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Downtown, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

June 2014: Bob's new short story "wHole" appears at Clarkesworld. Also: Bob's latest two Reshaping Light story blog entries - Far-farfetched and Khan - are both all-new short stories.

May 2014: Bob's story "Mystic Falls" is a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Award. Also, Bob's story "Precious Mental" is a finalist for the Locus Award.

April 2014: Bob's latest Reshaping Light blog entry - Carnage - is an all-new short story -- Bob's response to a recent popular film.

At the ConStellation V convention, in Lincoln, NE, Robert Reed reveals that he's been a consultant on the development of the new videogame Destiny, from Bungie. The game will be available September 9, 2014. Bob provides a detailed description of his involved in a new entry in his The Difficult Art of Tomorrow writing blog.

March 2014: A Brief interview with Bob appears at Shelf Awareness.

February 2014: Bob's newest novel -- actually a trilogy in one volume, The Memory of Sky, is available for purchase as an eBook as of early February; the traditional printed edition (in trade paperback format) was also released on February 19th.

Bob's collection The Greatship and four of his individual stories were included in the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2013, in the February 2014 issue of Locus Magazine.

A short interview with Bob appears in the KidsEBookBestsellers Blog.

Bob has a new novella -- "The Principles" -- in the April/May 2014 issue of Asimov's (available in February). His blog entry on 2/23/2014, One Chapter Before Breakfast, accompanies that story, providing background information on the story's development.

January 2014: Here is the annual reminder for award voters of Bob's 2012 story output, eligible for all appropriate literary awards for works published in the 2012 calendar year:


Previous Mental [Jun 2013 Asimov's]


Exchange [Dec 2012 (Jan 2013) Arc]

Bonds [Mar 2013 Solaris Rising 2]

Grizzled Veterans of Many and Much [May/Jun 2013 F&SF]


The Golden Age of Story [Feb 2013 Asimov's]

Among Us [Jan/Feb 2013 F&SF]

The Suit [May 2013 Daily SF]

Picobeasts [Jul 2013 Drabblecast]

What We Do [Aug 2013 Postscripts 30/31: Memoryville Blues]

Mystic Falls [Nov 2013 Clarkesworld]


The Greatship [Nov 2013]

October 2013: Bob's latest book — the fix-up collection The Greatship, is available in E-book format, and will be available as a Print-on-Demand edition in November 2013.

A Q&A Interview with Bob is the cover story of the Fall 2013 issue of the Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors newsletter.

September 2013: Bob appeared on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, at the Brooklyn Book Festival, in Brooklyn, NY. He signed copies of Asimov's magazines that included his Asimov's Readers Choice-winning story, "Murder Born", from 11 a.m. to Noon. [ For more information about the event, check out this article at SF Signal ]

July 2013: Bob's novella Eater-of-Bone came in third place in this year's Sturgeon Award voting, however the judges said it was a hard choice to make this year. Here's the official press release:.

"Molly Gloss won the Sturgeon Award for her short story "The Grinnell Method," from the September, 2012, issue of Strange Horizons. Though she was unable to attend, Gloss provided a video of her acceptance speech. Linda Nagata won second place for "Nahiku West," published in the October issue of Analog. Robert Reed took third place with Eater-of-Bone, a stand-alone novella by PS Publishing. The jurors note that the voting for this year's prize was especially close, and that all of the top three stories deserve recognition."


"Depending on your reading tastes, your favorite book or short story for 2012 might turn out to be any of the finalists, so the jurors recommend that you read all the works on both the Sturgeon short-list and the Campbell short-list."

"The current jury consists of Elizabeth Bear, Andy Duncan, James Gunn, Kij Johnson, George Zebrowski, and Nöel Sturgeon, Trustee of the Theodore Sturgeon Literary Estate."

May 2013: Bob's novella Eater-of-Bone was announced as one of the finalists for the Theodore Sturgeon Award, which will be presented at the Campbell Conference in June 2013 in Lawrence, KS.

5-11-2013: Bob's novella "Murder Born", from the February 2012 Asimov's, has won the Asimov's Readers Choice Award.

5-16-2013: Following the launch of his first blog -- The Difficult Art of Tomorrow -- in April, Bob has started a second new blog — Reshaping Light — in which he, as a writer, toys with the idea of rewriting other people's scenes -- starting with reimagining the characters in the film The Bourne Legacy.

April 2013: Bob has started a new blog — The Difficult Art of Tomorrow — which launched with his first post on April 4th, 2013 He plans to use this blog to talk about some of the ideas behind his stories, his processes as a writer, and other behind-the-scenes type stuff.

Bob has a new novelette, "Grizzled Veterans of Many and Much" in the May/June 2013 issue of F&SF, on sale in late April.

March 2013: The publishing industry being what it is -- somewhat fickle and prone to numerous changes related to long-term plans -- several things have changed related to the publishing deals Bob wrote about in April 2012. The latest news was encapsulated in the introduction to "Precious Mental", the cover story in the June 2013 issue of Asimov's, as follows: Robert Reed tells us that his planned trilogy with Prime Books is still a trilogy, but will be published as a single volume, perhaps in April of 2014. The working title is The Memory of Sky. Bob is also planning to "self-published a collection of Great Ship stories called The Greatship. Yes, one word. Each story has been slightly reworked, and there is new bridge material, and not only will this be available as an e-pub, but there will be a POD version as well." This collection will not include his 2012 or 2013 material.

3-26-2013: Solaris Rising 2, an anthology of all-new stories from 19 different authors, from the publisher Solaris, was released. Solaris Rising 2 includes a new novelette from Bob, entitled "Bonds".

February 2013: Bob's Great Ship story "Katabasis", from the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Asimov's, is one of the finalists for the Nebula Award for 2012 works, in the category of Novella. The Forty-Eighth Nebula Awards Weekend will be held May 16-19th, 2013, in San Jose, CA.

2-1-2013: Locus Magazine announced its annual Locus Recommended Reading List. Four of Bob's 2012 stories made the list this year, as well as his new collection, Eater-of-Bone: "Murder Born", "Eater-of-Bone", "Katabasis", and "Prayer".

January 2013: Here is the annual reminder for award voters of Bob's 2012 story output, eligible for all appropriate literary awards for works published in the 2012 calendar year:


Murder Born [Feb 2012 Asimov's]

Eater-of-Bone [Apr 2012 Eater-of-Bone collection]

Katabasis [Nov/Dec 2012 F&SF]


Noumenon [Sep 2012 Asimov's]


Emergence [Jan 2012 Postscripts 26/27: Unfit for Eden]

Cloudburst [Feb 2012 Daily SF]

One Year of Fame [Mar/Apr 2012 F&SF]

Prayer [May 2012 Clarkesworld]

Bright Lights [May 2012 - Strange Horizons]

The Girl in the Park [Jul 2012 Asimov's]

Triumph [Sep 2012 Daily SF]

The Pipes of Pan [Dec 2012 Asimov's]

Flowing Unimpeded to the Enlightenment [Oct 2012 Lightspeed and io9]

December 2012: Bob had short stories in both of the major print markets simultaneously -- "Among Us" in the Jan/Feb 2013 F&SF, and "The Golden Age of Story" in the Feb 2013 Asimov's. Also in December, Bob's "Exchange" appeared in the new online magazine Arc.

November 2012: Bob's Great Ship novella "Katabasis" was the cover story of the November/December 2012 issue of F&SF.

October 2012: Bob has had three new stories see print -- "Triumph" was available at Daily SF (Bob's 225th published story!), "Flowing Unimpeded to the Enlightenment" was available at both Lightspeed and at io9, and "The Pipes of Pan" is in the Dec 2012 issue of Asimov's SF.

September 2012: 9-5-2012: While returning from the 2012 Worldcon, Bob found out he had made two new sales. One is a novellette "Grizzled Veterans of Many and Much" to F&SF. The second is to a new market -- a novelette entitled "Exchange", which will appear in Arc - a new digital fiction magazine put out by the folks behind New Scientist magazine. Arc is not a free digital site, but is available for purchase in a number of electronic formats, as well as a printed anthology. Click the link to see info about past issues.

9-18-2012: Bob had a third work appear at Daily SF, with the publication today of his short story Triumph directly to subscribers by e-mail. The story appeared on the Daily SF website one week later.

August 2012: Bob attended Chicon 7, the 2012 (70th annual) WorldCon in Chicago, Illinois, August 30th through September 3rd. His official schedule there included the following three events:

  • Saturday, Sept 1, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM - at the Autograph Tables - featuring: Charles Justiz, James Kahn, Joan Slonczewski, Lee Martindale, Mary Robinette Kowal, Nancy Fulda, Robert Buettner, and Robert Reed

  • Saturday, Sept 1, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM - in the Addams room - Reading: Robert Reed

  • Sunday, Sept 2, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM - in the Wright room - Short Stories to Order - featuring: Christopher Rowe, E. Lily Yu, Ellen Datlow (moderator), Pat Cadigan, and Robert Reed

Also in August, PS Publishing, publisher of PostScripts magazine, currently had all three issues of that title that feature stories from Bob, at a fairly steep discount:

May 2012: 5-1-2012: Bob's story "The Ants of Flanders", from the Jul/Aug 2011 issue of F&SF was one of the five finalists in the Novella category of the 2012 Locus Awards.

5-1-2012: Bob has a new story in the May issue of the Clarkesworld online magazine. "Prayer" is a short story, and is available as both a text story (click here) or as an audio podcast (click here).

5-4-2012: Bob's new hardbook book, Eater-of-Bone, is now officially available and "in stock" from PS Publishing in the UK. Although dated inside as April 2012, the publisher only got their stock in here in May The book is available in two editions -- a signed and numbered "jacketed hardback" for £39.99, and an unsigned hardback for £19.99. Order information can be found here (signed) and here (unsigned) on the PS Publishing website.

5-7-2012: Bob cracked yet another new online market in May 2012 with a new story at the Strange Horizons internet fiction site. "Bright Lights" is a short story, and is available there for free. That story, plus Bob's short story "Emergence" in Postscripts #26/27 Unfit for Eden (Jan 2012), and his new short story "The Girl in the Park" in the July Asimov's (on newsstands May 7th) makes 8 published stories from Bob in just the first 5 months of 2012!

April 2012: 4-13-2012: Bob had a fourth story turned into a Drabblecast audio podcast. "Killing the Morrow", which originally appear in the 1996 anthology Starlight 1, and which has since been reprinted in at least two other anthologies, appeared as a free Drabblecast audio release on April 13th, 2012.

4-20-2012: Bob announces his new 3-book contract with Prime Books -- see the full details in his essay on The Word From Bob page.

February 2012: 2-2-2012: Locus Magazine announced its annual Locus Recommended Reading List. Three of Bob's 2011 stories made the list this year: "Purple", "Woman Leaves Room", and "The Ants of Flanders".

Bob's Story "Stalker", from the Sep 2011 issue of Asimov's, has been reprinted in the new anthology Robots: The Recent A.I., from Prime Books.

January 2012: Here is the annual reminder for award voters of Bob's 2011 story output, eligible for all appropriate literary awards for works published in the 2011 calendar year:


The Ants of Flanders [Jul/Aug 2010 F&SF]


Purple [Mar 2011 Asimov's]


Mantis [Feb 2011 - Engineering Infinity (anthology)]

Woman Leaves Room [Mar 2011 Lightspeed]

Our Candidate [Mar 2011]

Euphoria [Jan 2011 Postscripts 24/25: The New and Perfect Man]

Stock Photos [May/Jun 2011 F&SF]

The Road Ahead [May/Jun 2011 F&SF]

Swingers [Aug 2011]

Stalker [Sep 2011 Asimov's]

Pack [Sep 2011 Clarkesworld]

HETERO3 [Sep 2011 Daily SF]

2011: We've let the News page slide quite badly in recent times. Starting in 2011, we'll make a strong effort to have more regular posts here, for those seeking more up-to-date news about Bob and his writings.

August 2011: Bob will be attending the 2011 Worldcon -- Renovation, in Reno, Nevada, August 17-21, and will be participating in programming. Here is his posted schedule:

Thu 14:00 (D05) (1 hr) Short but Containing the World: A Look at Novellas

Thu 17:00 (Hall 2 Autographs) Autographing: Thu 17:00

Fri 14:00 (A14) (30 min) Reading: Robert Reed

Fri 15:00 (KK1) (1 hr) KaffeeKlatsch: Fri 15:00

Fri 17:00 (A18) (1 hr) Sports and Science Fiction

Sat 10:00 (A04) (1 hr) Life Lived in the Extremes

Sat 12:00 (A04) (1 hr) The Craft of Writing Short Science Fiction

August 2011: "Stock Photos" and "The Road Ahead", which appeared in the May/June 2011 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, are both available for free online (in PDF) during the month of August, at Suvudu.

July 2011: The Chinese translated version of Bob's novella "Truth" is one of the five finalists for the Most Popular Translated Fiction - Short Form in 2010 in the Sky Awards. You can read about the full list of finalists in this post on Science Fiction Awards Watch, read the nominating and voting guidelines (also on SF Awards Watch), or you can visit the official Sky Awards website (in Chinese). The winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held in Shanghai in August.

June 2011: Bob's Novella, "Dead Man's Run", made the short-list of finalists for the 2010 Theodore Sturgeon Award. Bob's been up for the award five times before, coming in 2nd place with "A Billion Eves" in 2006, and had the 2nd runner-up two years previously with his chapbook Mere.

2010 Sturgeon Award Finalists
Arnason, Eleanor "Mammoths of the Great Plains" Chapbook
Broderik, Damian "Under the Moons of Venus" Subterranean, Spring 2010
Hand, Elizabeth "The Maiden Flight of McAuley's Bellerophon" Anthology, Stories
Landis, Geoffrey "The Sultan of the Clouds" Asimov's Sep/Oct
Lee, Yoon Ha "Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain" Lightspeed, Sep/Oct
Park, Paul "Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance" F&SF Jan/Feb
Reed, Robert "Dead Man's Run" F&SF, Nov/Dec
Reynolds, Alistair. "Troika" Godlike Machines
Tem, Steve Rasnic "A Letter From the Emperor" Asimov's, Jan
Tidhar, Lavie "The Night Train" Strange Horizons, 6/14/2010
Watts, Peter "The Things" Clarkesworld, Jan

The current jury consists of James Gunn, Kij Johnson, Frederik Pohl, George Zebrowski, and Noel Sturgeon, Theodore Sturgeon's daughter.

The award will be presented in Lawrence, Kansas, at the Campbell Conference and Awards Ceremony on July 7-10:

March 2011: Bob had a free new story appear in the online magazine Lightspeed. Woman Leaves Room appeared the third week of March. Accompanying the story was a brief interview with Bob, in which he talks about the genesis of this story, and mentions what else he's working on currently.

3-31-2011: Bob had a second work appear at, with the publication today of his short story Our Candidate.

February 2011: 2-2-2011: Locus Magazine announced its annual Locus Recommended Reading List. Three of Bob's 2010 stories made the list this year: "A History of Terraforming", "Dead Man's Run", and "The Cull".

2-26-2011: Bob was quoted, briefly, in an article in the Omaha World Herald about Nebraska appearing as a setting in various Nebraska authors' works.

January 2011: Here is the annual reminder for award voters of Bob's 2010 story output, eligible for all appropriate literary awards for works published in the 2010 calendar year:


A History of Terraforming [Jul 2010 Asimov's]

Alone [Aug 2010 Godlike Machines]

Dead Man's Run [Nov/Dec 2010 F&SF]


The Good Hand [Jan 2010 Asimov's]

The Long Retreat [Jan/Feb 2010 F&SF]

Pallbearers [Jun 2010 The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF]


* So You're Going to Die [Feb 2010 - only appearance to date is as an audio podcast at]

The Next Invasion [Mar 2010]

Pretty to Think So [Apr/May 2010 Asimov's]

The Cull [Sep 2010 Clarkesworld]

Excellence [Dec 2010 Asimov's]

Dec 2010: Bob's Hugo-winning story "A Billion Eves" was included in Enter a Future: Fantasy Tales From Asimov's Science Fiction, an all-digital anthology available exclusively through

November 2010: Bob was contacted by Science Fiction World magazine, a Chinese publication with a circulation of over 300,000, which focuses on Chineses translations of popular genre stories that originally appeared in English. The publishers asked permission to reprint 13 of Bob's stories in a special issue dedicated exclusively to Bob's work, which they already had the cover designed for (see graphic at right). This was scheduled for publication in November 2010 and was to include the following stories: Decency, Whiptail, She Sees My Monsters Now, The Children's Crusade, Wellsprings of Genius, Opal Ball, Truth, A Woman's Best Friend, Five Thrillers, The House Left Empty, The Next Invasion, Two Sams, and Firehorn.

September 2010: Bob had a third story turned into a Drabblecast audio podcast. "Character Flu", which originally appeared in the June 2008 issue of F&SF, became a free Drabblecast audio release on February 3, 2010.

February 2010: Bob had another all-new story appear first as a Drabblecast audio podcast. "So You Think You're Going to Die" became a free Drabblecast audio release on September 30, 2010.

August 2009: Early this month, The Internet Review of Science Fiction featured a fairly long interview Bob gave to Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, under the title "Improbable Journeys: An Interview with Robert Reed".

8-9-2009: Bob did not win the Hugo Award for "Truth" (Novella) at Anticipation in Montreal. That honor went to "The Erdmann Nexus" by Nancy Kress, which ironically appeared in the same Oct/Nov 2008 issue of Asimov's as Bob's story.

July 2009: Bob sold novelette "Pallbearers" to the Mike Ashley-edited anthology Apocalyptic SF, due out at an unspecified date in 2010.

July also featured the release of the Mike Ashley-edited anthology Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF, featuring Bob's novelette "Castle in the Sky".

May 2009: Bob sold novelette "The Long Retreat" to F&SF for an unspecified future issue. Also sold reprint rights to "Character Flu" for Horton's combined Science Fiction and Fantasy year's best anthology.

April 2009: The Japanese translation of Bob's novella "A Billion Eves" has been nominated for Japan's Seiun Award. It was translated by Naoya Nakahara, and appeared in the March 2008 issue of SF Magazine. The category for foreign language short fiction is very strong, with all the stories previous Hugo nominees and winners. The other nominees are “The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate” by Ted Chiang, “The Cambist and Lord Iron : A Fairy Tale of Economics” by Daniel Abraham, “All Seated on the Ground” by Connie Willis, “The Summer Isles” by Ian R. MacLeod, and “Singing My Sister Down” by Margo Lanagan.

4-15-2009: In this week's "Mind Meld" feature at SF Signal, Bob and nine other authors, critics, and scholars contribute short pieces on the subject of "The Tricky Trope of Time Travel".

4-15-2009: Writer/artist Paul Abbamondi has included an image of Bob along with a very flattering group of eleven other writers in his illustration "Authors I Love To Read (Part Four Of Whatever)". Abbamondi does the online journal comic MyLifeComics and the online graphic novel Fortuitous Twist.

March 2009: Bob's story "True Fame" is in the current, April/May 2009, issue of Asimov's

One of Bob's 2008 stories, "The Visionaries", has been adapted as an audio podcast episode at -- now available.

3-19-2009: HUGO NOMINATIONS! Bob's story "Truth", which appeared in the Oct/Nov 2008 issue of Asimov's, has officially been nominated for a Hugo Award in the Best Novella category. The other nominees in this category this year are: "The Erdmann Nexus" by Nancy Kress; "The Political Prisoner" by Charles Coleman Finlay; "The Tear" by Ian McDonald; and "True Names" by Benjamin Rosenbaum & Cory Doctorow. You can read more at the official Hugo Awards Site blog and at the Hugos page of Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention. The Hugos winners will be announced at Anticipation on August 9, 2009 in Montreal, Quebec.

February 2009: 2-2-2008: Locus Magazine announced its annual Locus Recommended Reading List. Five of Bob's 2008 stories made the list this year: "The Man With the Golden Balloon", "Truth", "Five Thrillers", "Fifty Dinosaurs", and "The House Left Empty".

Bob's first three stories of the year are out. His short story "Three Princesses" appears in the original anthology We Think, Therefore We Are edited by Peter Crowther (DAW Books), and the fifth novelette of the Amerindian sequence "Shadow-Below" can be found in the March issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Bob's third story of the year, "True Fame" in the April/May issue of Asimov's, is on news stands as of March 3rd.

At the end of February, the editors of Drabblecast audio magazine announced that Bob's October 2008 story "Floating Over Time", which made its premiere appearance in any format as a audio podcast recording there, had been voted Story of the Year in Drabblecast's Annual People's Choice Awards. Bob's story beat out works by Mike Resnick, Janni Lee Simner, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jeff Soesbe and Michael Swanwick in the final voting results.

2-27-2009: Bob's 2008 story "The Visionaries" is now available as an audio podcast recording from

January 2009: Time, once again, to join the other science fiction professionals in reminding award voters by listing Bob's 2008 output, eligible for all appropriate literary awards for works published in the 2008 calendar year:


The Man With the Golden Balloon [Feb 08 Galactic Empires]

Truth [Oct/Nov 08 Asimov's]


Five Thrillers [Apr 08 F&SF]

The Visionaries [Oct/Nov 08 F&SF]

American Cheetah [Sep 08 Extraordinary Engines]

Leave [Dec 08 F&SF]


Fifty Dinosaurs [Mar 08 The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Vol 2]

The House Left Empty [Apr/May 08 Asimov's]

Reunion [May 08 F&SF]

Weapons of Discretion [Spring 08 Helix SF #9 - now available on].

Character Flu [Jun 08 F&SF]

Blackbird [Spring 08 Postscripts 14]

Old Man Waiting [Aug 08 Asimov's]

Salad For Two [Sep 08 F&SF]

Six Foot Easy [Summer/Fall 08 Postscripts 15]

Dewey Smith and the Meaning of It All [Oct 08 Nature]

A Woman's Best Friend [Dec 08 Clarkesworld]

* Floating Over Time [Oct 08 - only appearance to date is as an audio podcast at]

December 2008: Bob ended 2008 with a final short story sale in the final week of the year -- "Mermaids" to Gordon Van Gelder at F&SF, for an unspecified publication date

Bob, indeed, had more individual works published in 2008 than in any previous year.

"Leave", in the December 2008 F&SF was Bob's 180th published short work of fiction!

October 2008: Bob's all-new short story "Floating Over Time" appeared October 1st for the first time anywhere, as a podcast via Drabblecast.

The all-original anthology Extraordinary Engines, now released, features Bob's novelette, "American Cheetah."

If the rest of the publication schedule for 2008 remains intact, Bob will have had more individual works published in 2008 than in any previous year.

September 2008: Bob was tangentially involved in an injury suffered by Hollywood producer Joseph Malozzi, producer of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. You can read all about it in Malozzi's own September 7th blog entry.

Big month in the magazines -- Bob had stories in both the Oct/Nov 2008 F&SF and the Oct/Nov 2008 Asimov's this month. F&SF featured the novelette "The Visionaries", while Asimov's featured the novella "The Truth".

August 2008: Bob loses the crown of "writer of the weirdest novel in the world" -- at least as far as Jo Walton opines in this August 20th blog entry on the Tor site. The comments in response relate in several ways to Bob's Exaltation of Larks, so we'll put a "review link" to this blog on that novel's page here, too!

Bob passed the 175-story milestone with "Six Foot Easy" in the special WorldCon issue (#15) of PS Publishing's Postscripts. Postscripts #14 is also still available for ordering online. It features Bob's short story, "Blackbird".

July 2008: Bob's short story "Roxie" which appeared in the July 2007 Asimov's, is has been included in a StarshipSofa podcast, available online starting this month.

7-9-2008: Maurizio Manzieri has posted one of the preliminary cover proposals for his "Five Thrillers" cover art to accompany Bob's story (in the April 2008 F&SF) on his blog. He also posted in his blog about the reuse of the final "Five Thrillers" piece in an Italian magazine called The Robot. Another post by Manzieri later in the month about the final "Five Thrillers" piece.

7-17-2008: Bob made a short story sale to Nature magazine, "Dewey Smith and the Meaning of All".

Bob will be attending and participating in this year's WorldCon, Denvention 3. He is currently scheduled to appear on two panels -- "SF as a forum for questioning social norms" (Fri 10:00), and "A World Without Children: The social implications of a declining birthrate" (Sat 10:00). He'll also be available at the following two signings: Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine 30th Anniversary Anthology at the Tachyon Press table in the Dealers Room (Fri 11:30-12) and at the Asimov's/Analog table in the exhibition hall (Fri 1-2).

June 2008: Bob sold two novelettes back-to-back this month. The first is "Firehorn", to the magazine F&SF. The second is "Castle in the Sky" to the Sense of Wonder anthology, being edited by Mike Ashley.

6-24-2008: A short interview with Bob appears in today's installment of Blogging the Muse, a blog by Travis Heermann that features author discussions.

Bob's short story "Old Man Waiting" is in the August 2008 issue of Asimov's, which should be available on magazine stands now.

Pre-orders are available for PS Publishing's PostScripts #15 -- the 2008 special WorldCon issue. It includes Bob's short story "Six Foot Easy".

May 2008: Bob's short story "The Hoplite" which appeared in the on-line venue Helix SF #4 in April 2007, is on the Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2007 list, from which a group of ten finalists will be selected shortly.

April 2008: Bob's short story "Weapons of Discretion" premieres at Helix SF on the 1st of April, his 170th published short work.

Bob confirmed the sale of novelette "American Cheetah" to the Nick Gevers-edited anthology Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology, due from Solaris in September 2008. Read the original press release.

Bob's story "Reunion" is in the May 2008 issue of F&SF this month.

4-16-2008: Bob is one of several genre authors known for their short fiction, who commented on the state of the short fiction market for the article "MIND MELD: Is the Short Fiction Market in Trouble?" at

4-16-2008: Bob sold novella "Alone" to Jonathan Strahan's upcoming Godlike Machines anthology, scheduled to be the final original anthology to come from The Science Fiction Book Club.

4-23-2008: UPDATED -- In honor of the 2nd annual International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch Day, we've finished formatting Bob's 6th and 7th stories that originally appeared on, and you can now read Hidden Paradise and Man for the Job here on Bob's own site! And it only took us (*cough*) ten months to get all those stories back on-line after scifiction's demise! Also available for the first time on this website -- Chapter 1 from Bob's first novel, The Leeshore -- check out the Leeshore page for more info.

4-23-2008: Bob made a short story sale to Postscripts for their 15th issue, scheduled for release in time for distribution at this year's WorldCon. The story's title is "Six Foot Easy."

Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr 2008March 2008: This month, Bob has stories in both the Apr 2008 F&SF -- the cover story "Five Thrillers" -- and the Apr/May 2008 Asimov's -- "The House Left Empty."

3-17-2008: John Joseph Adams includes a brief interview with Bob about "Five Thrillers" in the F&SF blog for today.

3-19-2008: UPDATED -- The fifth of Bob's seven SciFiction stories is now available here on his official website! Click -- The Dragons of Summer Gulch!

3-30-2008: Postscripts #14 (Spring 2008) is now available for ordering (click the link above or the cover at right). It features Bob's short story "Blackbird". It's available in hardback or paperback editions.

February 2008: 2-3-2008: Locus Magazine announced its annual Locus Recommended Reading List. Three of Bob's 2007 stories made the list this year: "Magic With Thirteen-Year-Old Boys", "The Caldera of Good Fortune" and "Roxie".

Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr 20082-25-2008: Artist Maurizio Manzieri blogs about his creation of the art that accompanies Bob's story "Five Thrillers" as the cover story of the April 2008 F&SF (seen at right -->).

2-27-2008: Bob made a story sale to Clarkesworld -- "A Woman's Best Friend" -- for publication in their December 2008 issue.

January 2008: Since John Scalzi, Jay Lake, Robert J. Sawyer and several other genre authors have already done so, we join the fray by listing Bob's 2007 output, eligible for all appropriate literary awards for works published in the 2007 calendar year:


The Caldera of Good Fortune [Sep 07 Asimov's]

Hatch [The New Space Opera]

Night Calls [Oct/Nov 07 Asimov's]


Deleted Scenes [Aoife's Kiss #21]

The Hoplite [Helix SF #4]

If We Can Save Just One Child... [F&SF Sep 07]

Magic With Thirteen-Year-Old Boys [F&SF Mar 07]

Roxie [Asimov's Jul 07]

X-Country [F&SF Jan 07]

Wellsprings of Genius [ - first English-language publication].

Fantasy & Science Fiction Feb 19961-2-2008: Bob's 1996 story, "First Tuesday" was available for free on the Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine's website as their online "fiction of the month" for January. Cover of that issue is at right -->.

1-12-2008: Gardner Dozois has selected Bob's story "Roxie" to appear in The Year's Best Science Fiction: 25th Annual Collection. See the full listing. On a related note, Nancy Kress poses the question "Is 'Roxie' science fiction?" in a blog posting/review of the story.

1-15-2008: Bob's story, "Night Calls", has been selected to appear in the Rich Horton-edited Science Fiction: Best of the Year - 2008 Edition. See the full listing.

December 2007: With the sale of "Weapons of Discretion" to online SF magazine Helix SF at the end of this month, 2007 tallied up to 13 story sales.

2007 Hugo Award photo by Joyce Hooper at the official Hugo Awards siteSeptember 2007: The Hugo Awards. The winners of this year's Hugo Awards (for works published in 2006) were announced September 1st at Nippon 2007, the 2007 WorldCon. Robert Reed won the Hugo Award for Best Novella, for his story "A Billion Eves", which appeared in the October/November 2006 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Bob's other Hugo-nominated work, "Eight Episodes", came in third in voting in the short story category. A historical footnote: "A Billion Eves" was the story that, statistically, allowed Bob to pass Isaac Asimov himself as the top story contributor to Asimov's SF Magazine.

Scott Edelman accepts Robert Reed's Hugo award at the 2007 WorldConFor the full 2007 Hugo story, go to the following links:

The Winners | The Full Voting Results

[Photo at right is Scott Edelman (editor of Science Fiction Weekly) accepting Bob's Hugo Award for "A Billion Eves", with author Robert Silverberg, the presenter, standing in the background. Photo is by Adrienne Loska (a.k.a. Flickr user lasirenadolce.]

9-3-2007: UPDATED -- The Asimov's magazine online discussion forums has a discussion thread going in acknowledgement of Bob's first Hugo.

Michael Swanwick, fellow Hugo-nominee this year in the novella category, comments on Bob's win, and avoidance of the "bull goose loser" label, in his own blog.

9-5-2007: UPDATED -- Both Mark R. Kelly and Rich Horton comment specifically on Bob's Hugo win in a discussion on the Locus blog.

The local Omaha World Herald noted Bob's Hugo win with a brief interview.

9-8-2007: UPDATED -- The Nebraska Center for Writers used an edited version of this very news page to feature Bob's Hugo win as their Top of the Rock news item for September 2007!

9-30-2007: UPDATED -- Bob's Hugo-winning novella, "A Billion Eves" will appear as a stand-alone book in an Italian translation from publisher Delos Books. It has also, previously, been translated into Russian.

August 2007: A lively discussion thread about Bob's "If We Can Save Just One Child" showed up on the F&SF discussion boards in late July and early August -- more discussion than individual stories usually tend to generate!

8-17-2007: UPDATED -- The third and fourth of Bob's SciFiction stories are now available here on his official website! Click -- Melodies Played Upon Cold, Dark Worlds and Like, Need, Deserve.

8-20-2007: UPDATED -- Bob's "A Billion Eves" came in second place in voting in the novella category in the Asimov's Readers' Choice Awards for 2006 stories.

8-31-2007: UPDATED -- Chinese translation of Bob's "Pills Forever" his most read story ever? In the July, 2007 issue of Science Fiction World, translated by Wei Zhengyi. You can find details of the issue in English here:

Here's the page for the issue (in Chinese) on the official site:

... Babel Fish can yield a better translation than Google (using the option for "Chinese-simp"). In particular, it renders Bob's name back into English correctly, rather than as "25,000".

Here's a discussion of the story on the magazine's forum:'s helpful to use both the Babel Fish and the Google translations in this case: [translated page]

It's published in Chegdu, Sichuan in China. It's the largest-circulation SF magazine in the world, with way over 300,000 copies -- with three to five readers per copy. Which is why we suspect this is the most read thing he's ever written.

Info on the magazine from SciFi weekly:

...and Wikipedia:

July 2007: The second of Bob's SciFiction stories is now available here on his official website! Click -- The Children's Crusade!

7-7-2007: Bob's "A Billion Eves" took 2nd place in the final voting for the Theodore Sturgeon Award, losing out to Robert Charles Wilson's "The Cartesian Theater".

7-20-2007: Bob's schedule for NASFIC/TuckerCon/Archon31

Bob will be attending TuckerCon, the 9th NASFiC (North American Science Fiction Convention), being held from August 2-5 in Collinsville, Illinois (just east of St. Louis). Below is the programming he'll be taking part in, a complete schedule can be found in the convention's online Pocket Program. He looks forward to seeing those attending.

Thursday, August 2

4:00pm Gateway Center (GC) - Ballroom D5 The Best Idea I Ever Sold: Rick Wilber, Robert Reed, Richard White, Rob Chilson, MaryJanice Davidson, Paula Helm Murray

9:00pm GC - Ballroom C3 The Search for Extra Solar Planets: Bennie Grezlik, John K. Strickland Jr., Michael Brotherton, Walter H. Hunt, R.M. Meluch, Robert Reed, John Kaufmann, Roger Tener, Jack McDevitt

Saturday, August 4

10:00am GC - Marquette A Life After the Petroleum Era: Tim Bolgeo, Edward M. Lerner, John K. Strickland Jr., Robert Reed, E.E. Knight, Don Sakers

Noon GC - Marquette A Knowing When to Stop Writing: Thomas Stratman, Richard Lee Byers, Lou Antonelli, Rob Chilson, Robert Reed, Laura Underwood, David Marusek

Sunday, August 5

10:00am GC - LaSalle Lobby Autographs: Cary Osborne, Nick Pollotta, Robert Reed, Bradley Sinor

3:00pm Holiday Inn - Ballroom B Hooking Kids on Science Fiction: Deborah Millitello, Robert Reed, Janni Lee Simner, Barri Bumgarner, R.J. Carter, Jody Lynn Nye, Sharon Shinn

June 2007: After over a year of remaining dormant but still available, the content of the SciFiction website (hosted by the Sci Fi Channel) was finally removed from the internet in June 2007. Bob had seven stories published at SciFiction, and those stories will reappear here, free, on over the course of the next few weeks.

6-29-07: UPDATED -- The first of Bob's SciFiction stories is now available here on his official website! Click -- Birdy Girl!

May 2007: Bob's Hugo-nominated story "A Billion Eves" has also now joined the short-list of finalists for the 2006 Theodore Sturgeon Award. Bob's been up for the award three times before, and had the 2nd runner-up two years ago with his chapbook Mere.

2006 Sturgeon Award Finalists
Bacigalupi, Paolo "Yellow Card Man" Asimov's Dec
Flynn, Michael F. "Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth" Asimov's Oct/Nov
Ford, Jeffrey "Botch Town" The Empire of Ice Cream, Golden Gryphon
McDonald, Ian "The Djinn's Wife" Asimov's Jul
Melko, Paul "The Walls of the Universe" Asimov's, Apr/May
Reed, Robert "A Billion Eves" Asimov's, Oct/Nov
Rickert, M. "You Have Never Been Here" Feeling Very Strange
Rosenbaum, Benjamin "The House Beyond Your Sky" Strange Horizons, Sept
Rowe, Christopher "Another Word for Map Is Faith" F&SF Aug
Shunn, William "Inclination" Asimov's, Apr/May
Swanwick, Michael "Lord Weary's Empire" Asimov's Dec
Wilson, Robert Charles "The Cartesian Theater" Futureshocks, Roc
Wilson, Robert Charles "Julian: A Christmas Story" PS Publishing chapbook

Nominations for 2006 came from Lou Anders, Rebecca Bates, Suzanne Church, Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Eugie Foster, Nicholas Gevers, Eileen Gunn, Brian Hades, Jim Kelly, Bridget McKenna, C. Powell, Eric Reynolds, Ekaterina Sedia, Steven H. Silver, Larry Taylor, Lois Tilton, Gordon Van Gelder, and Sheila Williams.

The current jury consists of James Gunn, Kij Johnson, Frederik Pohl, George Zebrowski, and Noel Sturgeon, Theodore Sturgeon's daughter.

The award will be presented in Kansas City at the Heinlein Centennial Convention / Campbell Conference and Awards Ceremony on July 6-8:

5-24-07: UPDATED: Escape Pod is podcasting one Hugo-Award short story nominee a week; Bob's "Eight Episodes" went up today ("Rated G: Contains mildly suggestive imagery, and not very good television."):

...and the text version is still available online here:

"Eight Episodes" was narrated by MarBelle. You can read more by and about MarBelle at the weblog he contributes to: directors notes.

Bob's fellow nominees in the short story category are:

Benjamin Rosenbaum's "The House Beyond Your Sky"



Tim Pratt's "Impossible Dreams":



Bruce McAllister's "Kin":

audio: up soon...


Neil Gaiman has recorded "How to Talk to Girls at Parties" himself and put it up at his own site, along with the text:

5-29-07: UPDATED: Two of Bob's stories showed up as Science Fiction Story of the Day recommendations in May 2007. "Man for the Job" was the Story of the Day for May 23rd, and "Eight Episodes" was the Story of the Day for May 29th. By clicking the above links, you can visit the page on that Science Fiction Story of the Day site with information and comments about each of the stories.

April 2007: Exiting SFWA Vice President Howard Hendrix had an opinion piece about the electronic distribution of free genre works posted at the SFWA LiveJournal community [Apr 12], in which some of his statements raised the ire of a large number of contemporary authors. World Fantasy Award winner and current Nebula Award nominee Jo Walton replied in her own LiveJournal account [Apr 15], proposing that April 23rd be dedicated as International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, and that all creative folks post one of more of their own works for free on their websites! Bob will be joining in by posting the English-language version of his short story "Wellsprings of Genius," which has previously only seen print in a French translation (as "Aux sources du génie") in the magazine Galaxies. Stop by the site on April 23rd to read the story!

4-23-07: UPDATED -- The story is now online! Click -- Wellsprings of Genius!

March/April 2007: HUGO NOMINATIONS!!

3-28-07: Robert Reed received two official Hugo Award nominations once the official Final Ballot, was announced, on the Nippon 2007 site and in other web sources. Bob's nominations came for "A Billion Eves" (novella, Oct/Nov 2006 Asimov's -- now available in Science Fiction the Best of the Year: 2007 Edition, edited by Rich Horton, and the forthcoming The Best Short Novels: 2007, in May from the SFBC, and in September in bookstores), and "Eight Episodes" (short story, Jun 2006 Asimov's -- now available in the recently released The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume 1, edited by Jonathan Strahan, and also appearing in the Asimov's 30th Anniversary Anthology, due out in July). There will most likely be links to on-line versions of the stories available shortly -- we'll connect to those once they're active. Note: Bob is one of only three authors to receive multiple nominations this year, and one of only two to receive two nominations in actual fiction-writing categories! [The other being Michael Flynn, for best Novel and Novelette]

4-5-07: UPDATED -- Bob's two nominated stories are now available for free online at the Asimov's website -- click the story titles in the article below!

4-6-07: UPDATED -- Bob's "A Billion Eves" gets a coveted positive mention at My Elves Are Different! Plus a nice comment at fellow nominee William Shunn's blog! You can check out a podcast of Shunn reading his own nominated novella -- Inclination.

4-22-07: UPDATED -- A brief interview piece appears in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, in conjunction with Bob's two Hugo nominations.

February 2007: Robert Reed had one of the most impressive showings of any currently-published science fiction author in the 2006 Locus Recommended Reading List, published in that magazine's Feb 2007 issue. He had five short works on the recommended list -- 3 novellas ("Good Mountain", "Rococo", "A Billion Eves"), 1 novelette ("Hoop-of-Benzene") and one short story ("Eight Episodes"). In addition, he had stories appear in 8 of the 25 recommended anthologies which appeared in 2006. A feat which may not have been matched by any other contemporary genre author for in 2006!

Bob's latest novel, The Well of Stars, is now out in paperback in the U.S. from Tor [ISBN 0-765-34764-4 $7.99]

October 2006: "A Billion Eves", in the October/November 2006 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, allows Bob to pass Isaac Asimov himself, to become the top contributor of short fiction to that magazine, based on the number of individual stories published.

August 2006: "Misjudgement Day", in the August 2006 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, is Bob's 150th published short work of fiction.

March/April 2006: Bob was Author Guest of Honor at WillyCon VIII, a science fiction convention held March 31-April 2, 2006 at Wayne State College, in Wayne NE.

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